First Bishop on Germany´s Street: Auxiliary Bishop Dr. Andreas Laun from Salzburg, Austria

Approximately 50 praying man accompanied Auxiliary Bishop Laun during the 130th Vigil in Munich on the 25th of March. In respond to this magnificent sign made by Auxiliary Bishop Laun was the Salzburg “1000 cross prayer procession” which took place July 25th. In regard to this Mr. Wolfgang Hering highlights the “urgent need of closer cooperation and support of Europe’s Prolife organizations and the Church.”


First Vigil in Bonn, Germany 100th Vigil in Nuremberg, Germany

Longly desired and at the beginning of the St. Paulus year- on the 28th of July 2008 realized: The first Vigil in Germany´s former capital city where the first abortion laws were developed could be conducted due to the strong commitment of our Cologne and Gummersbach Vigil leader Mr. Helmut Martens. Remember that during the Nuremberg Processes abortion was still regarded as a crime against mankind.
On the 5th of July we organised already the 100th Vigil in Nuremberg where we first started to pray just on the 17th of June 2000. In Nuremberg we gather in front of the second largest abortion clinic of the free state of Bavaria, Dr. Freudemann where approximately 4000 preborn killing of children is conducted per year.


40th Year of Humanae Vitae

A convention with Metropolitan Bishop Joseph Kurtz/ USA
October 3rd through 5th in Munich

“We considered Humanae Vitae to less” said the Archbishop Dr. Rheinhard Marx from Munich and Freising during the German Catholic Convention in Osnabrück. The deputy chief of the commission of the prolife movements of the American Bishops Conference, Archbishop Josef Kurtz, Louisville/ Kentucky followed our invitation to Germany.

The friend of Monsignore Philip Reilly is one of over 100 American Bishops and cardinals who lead public prolife processions and contribute to the emerging cultural rebound in the USA.

The invitation was send out on the initiative of President of the Prolife committee cardinal Justin Rigali, after a thorough discussions with Mr. Wolfgang Hering and his plea for support for Germany and Europe. (Details to the convention will follow in the next circular)


Dear Knights, dear “MÄGDE” of ProLife

Surely this old-fashioned salutation does surprise you- which you can may understand in a bit of humour. Nonetheless, I herewith connect a serious background. (A hint for woman: The greatest woman ever described herself as a “Magd” of the Lord.)

Actually, I wanted to have two weeks vacation on Malta… But than I come across on of the greatest occurrence in Malta´s history which awarded this little island the dignified name “Europe’s Shield”. By the way, this little country up today offers complete custody to the unborn child by law.

During leaguer attempted of 1565 by 40000 Turkish soldiers (200 ships) the 700 Knights of St. John of Jerusalem and 7000 poorly trained natives defended the strategically important island in such a impressionable way that the Turks had to had to get away on September 8th 1565.

The fascinating about those knights, all nobleman from 8 different European countries, was there rigid determination to fight till the last breath for the defence of Europe and the catholic church. Even in a hopeless defence positioning where it seemed to be just a question of time when the defenders will be defeated and would have died, they still kept fighting with such a determination that the enemies more and more resigned.

Eventually it become clear to me: In Germany, in Europe there is a war. No leaguer with canons and soldiers, no. It is silent war in the mothers´ wombs, which costs more human victims as it was the case in any previous war.

And what is going on with us? Do we oppose it with the same determination as the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem? Are we willing to fight till the last breath to surely safe lives… ? Germany – Europe?

Just not to get misunderstood: Under no circumstantial I am encouraging to violence but mean the appeal to fight according to Ephesians 6,10-20!!

I am proclaim the “Force and Power” of the Lord which we turn against the evil forces that surrounding us that destroy our families and nations and our Christian culture in Europe. During the first Sacred Heart week of the month July the general assembly of the “Germany Relievers” (Helfer Deutschlands) took place in Fulda. The old board was re-elected and the first 1000 cross prayer procession took place on the occasion of Boniface celebration in Fulda.

During the festivity of Boniface we gathered at the grave of the martyr and apostle from whom as John Paul II highlighted in 1980 all began, “here is the Christian heart of Germany” With a passionate heart I quote the Directorim Spirituale June 5th 2008: “Given the Darkness we seem to resign in danger repeatedly. Why actual? Don’t we take God´s intervention under consideration also in our country? Do we take the opinion that we are to few to succeed in the refoundation of the Christian belief? But where the big changes in the church not carried by some few? Could it be true that God´s has chosen particularly you and me to do this? Also, Boniface and his companion were faced with an apparently seeming overpowering task, but he trusted in God.

His life decision was the decision for Christ.” And he went out in the gloominess and the bastions of the German heathendom.

Brave people prayed over the last 10 years in front of 31 German abortion clinics- of which 12 stopped the killing of Children. Did you know that all in all only 200 People pray every month in the 22 support Vigils cities? What if you all …?

I appeal to you: Do establish prolife Vigils, go out on the street, do not allow yourself to be lulled because one those not hear the thousands cries of dieing children. The conscious registration of those cries is as hurtful as same a war. Imagine there is a war and nobody joints. But imagine it is war and all readers of this take part!! Then about 2500 believers would go out on the streets of Germany- a revolution of love for the unborn child.


A particularly exemplary role model is the countenance of two Bishops who were appointed to the domicile of the Primas Germaniae, namely Salzburg.
(The Archbishop of Salzburg was once empowered to elect the Bishops of the subordinated diocese München- Freising and Regensburg.)

The Archbishop Dr. Alois Kothgasser refused to accepted a public award from the chief of state Mrs. Burgstaller because she admitted introduction of abortion in the Salzburg clinic which instigated a public war of cultures.

Archbishop Dr. Andreas Laun, a long-time friend of the prolife centre Munich was the first Bishop on German streets and experienced an enthusiastic support from the prolife members when taking a firm stand during the Catholic Convention in Osnabruck.

Therefore Salzburg is the best place for the 1000 cross prolife event on July 25th 2008. There we will remember the 40 years of Humanae Vitae and the children killed by the pill, loop and other contraceptives. In the morning of July 25th Pastor Rudolf Atzert, Fatima pilgrim ministerof will take part in the 134 prolife vigil in the capital of the “helpers” in Munich.

He gave a speech on the day of life, the 7. July on Humanae vitae and the tremendous consequence if not followed this encyclical. Up to 1930 all Christian churches agreed upon the discretionary denegation of any kind of contraception until the Anglo-American church collapsed. The pope Pius XI has dismissed contraception already in those days as well as later during the II. Vatican council. The teaching of the church was unfolded by Pope Paul VI in Humanae Vitae where describes the dignity of the woman in a loving way.

The Koenigstein´s declaration as well as the declaration of the Austrian Bishops Maria Troster declaration ranged the Humanae Vitae below the subjective sense of the human conscience.

I am calling you imploringly: Joint the public prayers or establish your public prayer! The experience of the police and Journalists that accompany our prayers may motivate you: “The coffee shops the conversations stop… silent concernment of the people on the sidewalks. officer-in-charge complement the esthetic and peaceful atmosphere of prayer, which they do not experience form other demonstrations.

According to experts our prayers have an enduring effect. To cause exact this effect is the attempt of the public prayer. It is the power of the Lord as unmistakably disclosed in Ephesians letter (please read!) and as we announce at the beginning of the St. Pauls year. It is the power of the cult of death which has to give way because Jesus is greater. It is the greatness that takes away the veil of the brains and hearts so that the people will be touched and receptive of the truth of life.

“It is enough to pray in the church” suggest some people (maybe because they are ashamed to step in for Jesus and for life?). But the Lord says: Go out in the world! Be the light of the world!” And our new Archbishop Dr. Reinhard Marx said from the beginning on: “Come out from your mousehole.” Obviously: the prayer does work anywhere but the public testimonial is not to be exchange. Be brave! Your remuneration will be great because he who avows me …”.

And please help us financialwise!
God bless and THANK YOU for all the good that you already have already done in the purpose of life!