European Voice of the Unborn Children: “Protect Our Life”!

EuroProLife now represents 20 European nations. At the second Worldwide Prayer Conference for Life in Cracow/Poland on 13th / 14th October 2007 the representatives of 12 European Nations agreed to establish a Christian, interdenominational network, in order to give the unborn children of Europe a voice.

The situation:

Alone among the continents Europe has a birth rate of only 1.5, which is far below the 2.1 required to sustain a population.

Our objectives:

1. We concentrate our energies in order to organize and support peaceful public prayer events for Life in Europe.
2. We want to stop the flood of destruction by peaceful means: We testify to the world by devout prayer.
3. By prayerful processions and mourning we express our pain for those innocent children killed by abortion.
4. We pray in the same loving attitude as our Mother Mary and the apostle John had beneath the cross.
5. We do not pray AGAINST anybody or anything. We pray FOR love, light and life.
6. We pray for all the persons involved in the abortion process (doctors, politicians etc.) in order to flash the light of love in their hearts [or: in order that love be lighted in their hearts] for the innocent babies in their defenceless state.
7. Euro Pro Life is a Christian interdenominational network, which unites the different pro life organisations of European countries in common prayer for life.


Next events:

Prayer Procession “500 crosses for Life” in London

Saturday, 10th November 2018

Join the united prayer forces of European and British Christians
for our unborn brothers and sisters, their parents, doctors and
all who are involved in abortion. Because all are beloved children of God.

13:30 Start at Westminster Cathedral

Peaceful prayer procession with a memorial ceremony at Westminster Bridge

Finish at Westminster Abbey about 16:30

”500 Crosses for Life“ is an ecumenical initiative of
”Voice of the Unborn Children of Europe: Protect Our Life“
EuroProLife, PO.-Box 66 21 99, D-81218 Munich
Contact in London: (0208) 857 9950
Email: ·

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